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Brave Safety Keychains

Yeti Self Defense Keychain

Yeti Self Defense Keychain

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Pepper Spray

Self-Defense Keychain designed to save your life! Feel safe everywhere you go with this glamorous safety keychain.

{F E A T U R E S}
*Handmade wristlet*
*Safety Alarm*
*Pepper Spray*
*Aluminum Kubotan*
*Carabiner clip*
*Decorative pompom and tassel*

**I am legally unable to ship pepper spray to NY or MA**

*Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase*

Keychain details:

{W R I S T L E T}
Made out of 100% cotton
5.5 in long, comfortable
Handmade by me and my mom

{S A F E T Y A L A R M}
Long range siren, 130 dB, up to 600 ft
Activate by pulling keychain up
Deactivate by pushing keychain pin down
Impossible to lose pin, stays attached when pulled
LED light flashes when alarm activated
Light doubles as flash light
Batteries included

{P E P P E R S P R A Y}
25 bursts, 10-12 ft range, 20 ml
Twist top safety cap prevents accidental discharges
Finger grip mold makes it very comfortable to hold

{K U B O T A N}
Finger grips makes it comfortable to hold

{C A R A B I N E R}
Great for clipping entire keychain onto backpack, purse, or belt loop
2 in, aluminum alloy

NOTE: pepper spray will be shipped in original box for safety

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting my small business!

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