Welcome to Brave Safety Keychains LLC

Howdy Y’all! 
I’m so glad you’re here.
My name is Hannah and I am the founder of Brave Safety Keychains. I’m an ER travel nurse, true crime enthusiast, wifey, and dog mom from Austin, TX.
My interest in true crime started around the age 16 when I found Law & Order: SVU. This has lead me to always be aware of my surroundings and take extra steps to keep myself safe. Those steps include walking to my car with a key between my fingers, keeping my head on a swivel and protection item in hand when running outside, the list goes on. As women, we always have to be on high alert and I want to help others take charge of their safety. When I made myself my first safety keychain, I felt empowered to go anywhere and do anything.
I started this small business because I want others to feel empowered and to stop living their life in fear. My mission is to help others be independent, strong, and feel safe.
Thank you for supporting my small business!
Be Brave. Stay Safe.